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Sporting Life In Anguilla

This is Anguilla's number one sport. Much of the island's racing and leisure yachts are launched off Road Bay and Blowing Point. For larger boats, there's Tamariain Watersports (Ph: 497- 2020) or Sandy Island Enterprises (Ph: 497-6395). For Sunfish and Hobie Cat rentals try Tropical Watersports (Ph: 497-6666). Excursion Boats to Prickly Pear Cays & Sandy Ground: Sandy Island Enterprises (Ph: 497-6395). May 30 - Anguilla Day - celebrates a host of sailing races.
The island has no coral wall dives, but deep dives up to 130 feet can be done. A favorite spot is at Prickly Pear Cays. On Dog Island the shore dives drop from 20 to 80 feet. The reefs between Scrub Island and the island's eastern end are also worthwhile. Tamarian Watersports (Ph: 497-2020) offers PADI certification, a short dive course, beginner & advance open water dives, night dives, deep water dives and wreck diving.
Excellent snorkeling can be found at Prickly Pear Cays, Scrub Island, Sandy Island, Captain's Bay, Shoal Bay West, Mimi Bay, Little Harbour Limestone Bay. Shoal Bay is ideal for beginner snorkelers. Snorkeling Rentals: Sandy Island Enterprises (Ph: 497- 6395).
Deep-Sea Fishing
Tropical Watersports (Ph: 497-6666) offers equipment rentals and excursions for deep sea fishing. Tackle Box Sports Center (Ph: 497-2896) for equipment rentals.
Other watersports
Most of the large hotel resorts have equipment rentals for windsurfers, paddleboats and waterskis.
The best court offerings are to be found at the resorts and larger hotels. We recommend Carimar Beach Club, 2 Courts (Ph: 497-6881); Malliouhana, 3 Courts (Ph: 497-6111); Cinnamon Reef, 2 Courts (Ph: 497-2727); The Coccoloba Plantation, 6 Courts (Ph: 497-6871); The Fountain Beach & Tennis Club, 6 Courts (Ph: 497-6395).
Martial Arts & Aerobics
Fun and fitness is the theme at Highway Gym (Ph: 497-2363).
Rent at Boothes (Ph: 497-2075).
The island's splendid beaches and tranquil roadside beckon all types of runners.