Travel By Fingertip.....Antigua and Barbuda

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Points of Interest In Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua's Historical Museum
Houses historical relics from Old World sugar plantations. This Court House setting was established in 1750. Local residents conduct interesting folklore tours. Addr: Church & Market St., St. John's Ph: 463-1060.
St. John's Cathedral
Built in 1845, the Cathedral's wood carvings are said to have come from one of Napoleon's ships. Addr: Church St., St. John's Ph: 461-0082
English Harbour/Nelson's Dockyard Harbor
First home of the British fleet in 1704 and now lovingly restored to much of its original flavor. Addr: Southern coast, south of Falmouth.
Admiral's House
Arawak Indian tribe artifacts, maps, charts, photos of the Harbor and replicas of 19th Century ships. Addr: English Harbour, Ph: 463-1053.
Clarence House
18th Century hilltop home of the Duke of Clarence; used today as a residence by the visiting Royal Family. Addr: Overlooking English Harbour, Ph: 463-1026.
Betty's Hope
A once thriving sugar plantation transformed into 100 acres of beautiful park grounds. Addr: Off the road towards Long Bay. (Inquire at the St. John's Museum.)
Boggy Peak
Drive through the lush rainforest to the highest point on the island. Addr: Fig Tree Drive, 4 miles north of St. John.
Megaliths of Greencastle Hills
Where, according to island lore, the megalith tribes worshipped the sun and the moon. Addr: Northeast coast, near the village of Jennings.
Indian Town
National Park displaying interesting archaeological digs. Addr: Northeast coast, near the village of Willikies.
Harmony Hill
An art museum on the site of a 17th-Century sugar plantation. Addr: Brown's Mill Bay Ph: 463-2057.