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Points of Interest In Aruba
Sights in Aruba

Bon Bini Festival
Each Tuesday evening there's a festive celebration to welcome the in-coming tourists to the isle of Aruba. A melange of folklore, dancing, food and local craft displays. Addr: Fort Zoutman's Museum courtyard, Oranjestad. Fort .
A fortress built in 1796 protected the island against the British invasion of 1799. The museum houses Indian artifacts and sketches of the Dutch settlements. Addr: Oranjestad Ph: 2978-26099.
Museo Archeologico
Indian farm artifacts, domestic tools and 200 year old skeletons. Addr: Zoutmanstr 1 Ph: 2978-28979.
Numismatic Museum
Coins and paper money collected from across the globe. Addr: Iraussquilnplein 2-A, Oranjestad Ph: 2978-28831.
Fontein and Guadirikiri Caves
Fontein's ancient Amerindian drawings, Guadirikiri's bats and Huliba's underground passage offer the rugged explorer hours of excitement. Addr: Northwest of San Nicolas.
Tunnel of Love
Explore the sculpted rock formations on a guided tour of this enchanting natural resource. Addr: Near Fontein and Guadirikiri Caves.
Bushiribana Gold Mine
Serene bird sanctuary (and lovely picnic spot), favored by a wide range of colorful parrots. Add: East off of L.G. Smith Blvd.
San Nicolas
Once a busy seaport and Aruba's oldest village. The Festival of Sanifesta is held on the last Thursday of every month. Addr: East coast of the island.
Malmonk Beach
Considered by aficionados to be the island's premier beach for shell hunting and snorkeling. Addr: West of Palm Beach.
Divi Divi Trees
Scattered throughout the island, branches flow at a 90 angle to the trunk due to the southwesterly winds. Don't transplant well.