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Points of Interest In New Providence & Paradise Island

The dominance of casinos and hotel complexes create hectic but lively rhythms. New Providence and Paradise Island are connected by an arched toll-bridge. There are many organized guided tours - some with horse and buggy.
The modern history of Nassau dates back to the Victorian Era. Rawson Square, central to the historic sites, is a good place to begin your tour.
Fort Charlotte
This fortress, stationed high on a hill overlooking the harbour, is complete with dungeons, a moat and drawbridge. Addr: Chippingham Rd. Ph: 322-7500.
Coral World
This glorious exhibition on Silver Cay Island is designed for the observation of the varied marine life above and below the water's surface. The Marine Gardens are home to the largest man-made coral reef in existence. Addr: Silver Cay Island Ph: 328-1036.
Adelaide Village
Settled in 1832 by slaves freed by the British Royal Navy, this is a lovely farming village of pastel-colored homes. Addr: Adelaide Rd.
Ft. Montagu
Built in 1741, this sturdy structure was designed by the British to repel Spanish invaders - who incidentally never invaded. During the American Revolutionary War, the fort served as a retreat and for John Paul Jones and his comrades. Addr: Eastern Rd.
The Cloisters
14th Century ruins of a French monastery. Addr: Paradise Island.
Versailles Gardens at the Ocean Club
Intricately landscaped gardens enhanced by stone statues of historic and mythic figures. Addr: Paradise Island.
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