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Sporting Life In Barbados

After a few days of beach-combing we suggest a jaunt to the island's eastern side for the spectacular pounding surf. Marriott's Sam Lord's Castle and Crane Beach are safe harbors for bodysurfing when lifeguards are on duty.
Snorkeling & Scuba
Snorkeling rentals are available at most hotel resorts and beaches. Day trips for snorkeling and reef diving are easily scheduled with Blue Reef Watersports (Ph: 422-3133); Willie's Water Sports (Ph: 432-5980). For spectacular wreck diving, call: Jolly Roger Watersports (Ph: 432-7090) or Dive Boat Safaris (Ph: 427-4350). Many of the island hotels offer their own dive packages and equipment.
Sailfish, Sunfish and Hobie Cats are loaned or rented at most hotel resorts. Yacht sailing can be arranged in advance through the Barbados Cruising Club (Ph: 426-4434), Barbados Yacht Club (Ph: 427-1125) or through your hotel.
Water skiing
Most of the island hotels can arrange excursions for you and many have their own facilities.
Fast becoming a popular sport, contact Jolly Roger Watersports (Ph: 432-7090) or Barbados Windsurfing Club (Ph: 428-6001) if your hotel doesn't offer equipment.
Tennis is very popular on Barbados and most of the hotels have courts. The best night courts are at Marriotts' Sam Lord's, 7 courts (Ph: 423-7350); Heywoods Resort, 5 courts (Ph: 422-1581) and Sandals Barbados, 5 courts (Ph: 424-0888). Folkstone Park in Holetown has public courts and you book time on the government's grass courts at Garrison Savannah. Traditional dress required.
The lovely Barbados weather provides for great golfing. There is an 18 hole course at Sandy Lane, (St. James) and two 9 hole courses at Rockley Resort Hotel, (Christ Church) and Almond Beach Resort Golf Course (Ph: 432-7840).
Horseback Riding
Most riding on the island is English style, but Western saddles are available. The island's trails are beautiful and vigorous. Contact: Brighton Riding Stable (Ph: 425-9381) or Caribbean International Riding Center (Ph: 433-1453).
Spectator Sports
Cricket, Soccer, and Polo are special loves of Barbados islander's. Played throughout the island and well worth checking into for interested spectators.