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Points of Interest In Bermuda

The charms of Bermuda, accented by the island's British heritage, are evidenced in every Parish or Village. St. Peter's Church: The original structure, built 1612, was restored after a devastating hurricane in 1712. The church displays a collection of architectural styles from the 17th to the 20th Century. Addr: Duke of York St., St. George's Parish.
Fort St. Catherine
Now a 19th Century museum depicting the Island's history via drawings and sculpture. Addr: Barry Road, St. George's Parish.
Bermuda Aquarium Zoological Garden & Natural History Museum
All this - and bring a picnic lunch if you wish and relax in the peaceful garden. Addr: North Shore Rd., Hamilton Parish.
Crystal Caves
One of several island caves, this one contains Cahow Lake, fed inside by a flowing stream, stalagmites, etc. A guided tour takes you to depths of 120 feet. Addr: Bailey's Bay, Hamilton Parish.
Spittal Pond
Bermuda's largest wildlife sanctuary. Scenic trails traverse 60 acres of beautiful terrain which is home to more than 500 different species of birds. Addr: South Shore Rd., Smith's Parish. Bermuda Historical Society Museum: Artifacts, antiques and treasures owned by one of the original settlers of Bermuda - Sir George Sommers. Addr: 13 Queen St., Hamilton.
Fort Hamilton
Victorian fortress built to defend the city of Hamilton. Addr: 6 Happy Valley Rd., Hamilton.
Somerset Island
The beautiful countryside and charming bays that characterize this quaint island make it a favored island.
Glass-Bottom Boat Cruises
Glass-bottoms boats cruise the island's waters while you watch an underwater parade of beautiful coral reefs, and marine life. Addr: City Dock, Hamilton.
Bermuda Perfumery
Walk and tour in fragrant gardens whose blossoms supply this small company. Addr: Bailey's Bay, Hamilton Parish.
Bermuda Railway Trail
Travel on horseback, bicycle or on foot along a 21 mile path created by Bermuda's now defunct railroad. Addr: Inquire at Bermuda Information Centers.
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