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Points of Interest In Bonaire & Curacao

Bonaire offers white, pink and black sand on its beaches - not expansive Caribbean treasures - but lovely nevertheless.
The Salt Flats & Rode Pan
Bonaire's old salt-mining industry has been re-activated in recent years. At Rode Pan are several shacks where the slaves who worked the mines slept. Addr: The Southern Scenic Route.
1,000 Steps
Cut into a mountain, this is a wonderful spot to explore, to swim, dive and snorkel. Addr: The Northern Scenic Route, from Kralendijk.
Bonaire's oldest village, this Spanish settlement "corner" was home to plantation and salt-mine workers. Addr: Northern Scenic Route.
Washington/Slagbaai National Park
Scenic wildlife park and recreational reserve. Recreation includes bird-watching, swimming, snorkeling & hiking. Addr: Northern tip of Bonaire.
St. Ann's harbour at Willemstad, is a bustling international port. Curacao's beaches are charming coves hidden among the island's rocky cliffs.
Curacao Museum
An old plantation "Great House" appointed with artifacts, artwork and folklore antiques. Addr: Off Pater Euwensweg.
Mikveh Israel-Emmanuel Synagogue
Constructed in 1732 this is the oldest extant synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. The sand covered floor is symbolic of Moses leading his people through the desert. Houses an excellent museum and gift shop. Addr: Hanchi Di Snoa 29. Ph: 5999-611067.
Christoffel Park
Wildlife Preserve with several caves, beautiful flora, and small animal life. Addr: Northwest of Willemstad, off Westpunt Hwy.
Curacao Seaquarium
Includes an exquisite showcase of marine-life, a swimming beach and one of the island's best gift shop. Ph: 5999-616666.

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