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Points of Interest In Cayman Islands

The real beauty and majesty of the Cayman Islands lie underneath the water: to see at a distance of 200 feet is not unusual. The spectacular coral reefs that surround the islands have been a treacherous obstacle course for ships as far back as Columbus - hence the abundance of shipwrecks. Pirate ships dominated these island waters for many centuries and the island folklore tells of their escapades.
Cayman Brac & Little Cayman
The diving is the very best, and there's good fishing too. Cayman Brac has a dramatic limestone cliff that forms to a dramatic point at the Eastern tip. Plenty of island parrots and other exotic birds await you on these two shores.
Atlantis Submarine
Tour the beautiful waters of the Grand Cayman in depths of 150 feet. The night dives light up the coral reefs for a truly enchanting adventure. Ph: 949-7700.
West Bay Turtle Farm
Established 25 years ago for commercial and ecological reasons, the farm breeds turtles of every age and description. Many of the turtles are annually returned to their natural habitat. Addr: West Bay Rd. Ph: 949-3894.
National Museum
Fascinating collection of island history. Video presentations. Addr: Harbour Drive, George Town Ph: 949-8368.
Edward Street
Memorial site dedicated to King George V of England. Government buildings. Addr: Heart of George Town. The Village Library: Built in 1939, this library retains an Old World flavor. Collection of old English novels and current publications. Addr: Right off of Edward Street. The Treasure Museum: Ship wreck artifacts and history about the pirates that once dominated the Caribbean. Addr: West Bay Road.
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