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Dining In Dominica & Montserrat

La Robe Creole
Rustic and cozy and accented with island colors. Traditional Creole cuisine. An island favorite. Closed Sundays. Addr: 3 Victoria St, Roseau Ph: 448-2896. Expensive.
Reigate Hall
A flowing waterwheel accentuates the romantic ambience. European flavors accent the island specialties. Addr: Reigate Hall Hotel, Roseau Ph: 448-4031. Expensive.
Spacious dining overlooking the sea. European decor combined with authentic island cuisine. Addr: Evergreen Hotel Ph: 448-3288. Moderate.
Near Trafalgar Falls, offers alfresco dining amid luscious greenery. Addr: Papillote Wilderness Retreat Ph: 448-2287. Moderate.
Vue Pointe
Romantic dining with spectacular views of the sea. Wednesday night barbecue with steel band - a popular favorite. Addr: Vue Pointe Hotel, Old Towne Ph: 491-5210. Expensive.
Belham Valley Hotel
The dramatic colors of hibiscus surround the outdoor setting. A varied menu of traditional island specialties and forbidding desserts Addr: Old Towne Ph: 491-5553. Expensive.
Step back into history in this West Indian villa, tucked away in lush woodland, a perfect setting for island fare. Addr: Belham. Ph: 491-8282. Moderate.
Blue Dolphin
Some locals swear that this is the best food on the island. The menu includes Montserrat's mountain chicken - a.k.a. frog - and a variety of seafood choices. Addr: Amersham Ph: 491-3263. Inexpensive.