Travel By Fingertip...Dominica & Montserrat

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Sporting Life In
Dominica & Montserrat

The beaches on Dominica are dark volcanic sand and the best ones are found at the secluded bays and near the island's rivers. River swimming is a favored sport on Dominica. We found the Layou River to be the best one.
Scuba Diving
Dive Dominica (Ph: 448-2188) and Dominica Dive Resorts (Ph: 448-2638) offer partial and full certification courses for advanced or beginner divers. Wall dives and night dives. Soufriere Bay offers an unusual experience as the water is tempered with volcanic steam.
Good snorkeling at Picard Beach, Hampstead, and L'Anse Noir beaches. Equipment rentals at Anchorage Hotel (Ph: 448-2638); Picard Beach Cottage Resort (Ph: 445-5131); Portsmouth Beach Hotel (Ph: 551-4255) and Coconut Beach Hotel (Ph: 445-5393). 
Sailing & Motorboats
Windsurfing and sailing crafts can be arranged through Castaways Watersports and Dive Centre (Ph:449-6244); the Anchorage (Ph: 448-2639) or with Castaways (Ph: 449-6244). Motorboats are very popular and rentals can be scheduled through the above.
The lush terrain and mountain trails offer rugged to easy hiking. Arranged hikes to Morne Diablotin and Boiling Lake are highly recommended for any nature lover. Contact the Forestry Department (Ph: 448-2401) or the Island's Tourist Office.
Scuba Diving
Sea Wolf Diving School (Ph: 491-7807) is the island's only certification school. Other diving excursions are scheduled as day packages through the Vue Pointe Hotel (Ph: 491-5210) or with Captain Martin's (Ph: 491-5738).
The best snorkeling is found with the various cruise packages arranged through the Vue Pointe Hotel (Ph: 491-5210). These excursions ferry you to the northwest coast where the beaches have beige and white sand.
The 11-hole course at the Montserrat Golf Course (Ph: 491-5220) offers scenic views and can be very challenging. The course stretches from the beach and up the mountainside. Those who love 18-holes play the course twice.
Craft rentals can be arranged through Haseby's (Ph: 491-5738); The Vue Pointe Hotel (Ph: 491-5210) and Danny's Watersports (Ph: 491-5645). Danny's offers lessons in sailing and windsurfing - for the wildly spirited.