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Points of Interest In Grenada

Forests, lush terrain and dormant volcanos grace Grenada's interior. With the islands many bays, beaches and charming villages, the sight-seeing and outdoor activities are endless.
St. George's
Grenada's languid capital city makes for an interesting day of sight-seeing. Don't miss the harbour activity. The city publishes a detailed walking guide.
Levera National Park & Bird Sanctuary
Home to many of the island's sea-birds and unusual breeds of parrots. Body surfing and wave watching are favored recreations at the Park's active beach. ADDRESS: Northern part of the Island.
Grand Anse
Two miles of pure sand, clear water and gentle surf. Those in the know say this is the island's most attractive beach. ADDRESS: Just outside St. George's.
Concord Falls
A rugged hike through lush island terrain brings you to these spectacular falls. Bring your swim suit. ADDRESS: 6 Miles north of St. George's.
Grand Etang National Park
Hike, swim and fish on 13 majestic acres. Contains a bird sanctuary for the island's many tropical varieties. ADDRESS: Main Interior Rd.
Dougaldston Estate
A spice factory where you can observe native women drying the fragrant plants in the warm Caribbean sun. ADDRESS: Village of Gouyave.
The Atlantic coastline leads to this harbour village (the island's 2nd largest). The village hums with activity on Saturdays - which is market day. ADDRESS: Southeast of St. George's.
Annandale Falls & Visitor Centre
Lush and tranquil park where you can hike, swim or enjoy a picnic - or just do nothing. ADDRESS: East of St. George's Ph: 440-2452.