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Points of Interest In St. Kitts & Nevis

These partner islands abound with lush greenery and long stretches of white, shimmering beaches. St. Kitts captivates with its splendid views and charm; Nevis possesses rare beauty and splendid mineral spas - can we convince you that island hopping is a good idea?
St. Kitts
St. Kitt's capital city is noted for its striking West Indian architecture. Nestled on the southern end of the island, Basseterre's earthy charm can best be experienced via a walking tour.
Brimstone Hill Fortress
This historic fortress was declared a national monument in 19100 by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The view from this hill-top citadel is awesome.
Monkey Hill
This grassy knoll is home to the Vervet Monkey - a French import during their years of occupation. Also the site of 17th Century sugar plantations.
The Island's capital city and a quick ferry ride from Basseterre. Settled in 1660, Charlestown's gingerbread charm and Victorian ambience have lingered into modern times.
Bath Hotel & Bath Springs
Although the Hotel, built in 1778, stands majestic and silent, five of the original mineral baths have been restored and opened to the public. These baths served as a high society gathering spot for over 100 years.
Nisbet Plantation
Visitors are welcomed to the delightful beach and verdant lawns & towering palm trees of this restored "Great House". Dinner is also served.
Pinneys Beach
Generally considered the island's best - crystal clear water and miles of soft sand.
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