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Sporting Life In St. Barthelemy

Small sailing crafts are rented on most beaches near the major hotels. Sibarth Yacht Charters (Ph: 590-276238); La Marine Service Boat Rental & Diving Centre (Ph: 590-277034) and Loulou's Marine (Ph: 590-276274) offer sailing excursions to many of the neighboring islands, complete with buffet dinners and sunset cruises.
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Diving excursions and certification courses are supplied by Dive with Dan (Ph: 590-276478) and Marine Service (Ph: 590-277034). Excellent snorkeling is found at Marechal Beach, Anse du Gouverneur and Marigot Beach (Equipment).
The island's excellent trade winds creates the perfect setting for this favored sport. Rent from Wind Wave Power (Ph: 590-276273) or Grand Bay Watersports (Ph: 590-276660). Instructions with St. Barth Wind School (Ph: 590-277096) and the newly opened El Sereno Beach Hotel (Ph: 590-276480).
Guanahani (Ph: 590-276660); Sports Center of Colombier (Ph: 590-276107); and Le Flamboyant Tennis Club (Ph: 590-276982) each have 2 courts. The Taiwana (Ph: 590-276501) and St. Barths Beach Hotel (Ph: 590-27-60-70) each have 1 court.
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