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Points of Interest In Trinidad & Tobago

Port of Spain
This capital city's sites and sounds are best enjoyed on foot. Begin at the Savannah or Queens Park which was an old sugar plantation. Historic sites are: The National Museum, Houses of Parliament, Botanical Gardens, The Magnificaent Seven Buildings, and the Emperor Valley Zoo.
Caroni Bird Sanctuary
Tour the sanctuary by boat and watch for the island's National Bird the Scarlet Ibis or "Red Birds" that nest in the mango trees. Addr: South of Port of Spain Ph: 645-1305. Fort George: The majestic views from the fort, built in 1804, include Venezuela's stunning mountain ranges. Addr: 10 miles from Port of Spain, easily accessed by taxi.
Lopinot Historical Complex
This 19th Century French Plantation has been restored to its original splendor, and now houses a museum. Addr: East of Port of Spain.
Fort King George
Overlooks Scarborough, Tobago's serene capital city, and is the best spot for sunset viewing.
National Fine Arts Center
Displays excellent examples of Tobago art & sculpture. The Museum's friendly director may offer an informative word or two. Addr: 10 minutes on Orange Hill Rd.
Man O'War Bay/Charlotteville
One of the pleasures in visiting Charlotteville is the scenic drive along the way. Be sure to snap a shot of Pigeon's Peak, the island's highest point. Addr: Eastern end of the Island.
Buccoo Reef
Tobago's most delightful (although crowded) snorkeling spot. Located offshore at Buccoo Point and Store Bay, you'll have to take a boat to reach it. Check at your hotel for schedules.
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