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Shopping In Trinidad & Tobago


Trinidad Shopping Overview

Modern shopping malls populate Trinidad's shopping districts at Frederick Street, Independence Square, Longcircular Mall , West Mall, Valpark Plaza and Trincity Mall in the east and High Street and Gulf City in the south. The stores at these malls and inside the islands' major hotels uniformly provide charming, efficient service and quality imports. Trinidad's famous carnival is the reason why the island is awash in beautiful fabrics - should you be so inclined, an eager seamstress will stitch a dress from raw material.
Metropolitan Book Supliers Ltd.
Wide range of local, West Indian, International titles. Addr: Colsort Mall, 11-13 Frederick St. El Alligator: Leather belts, handbags, jackets and wallets. Addr: Longcircular Mall.
Boutique Cybele
Beautiful batiks and women's fashions. Addr: Hilton International Hotel. The Market: Charming cluster of shops with an unusual and colorful selection. Addr:Normandie Hotel, St. Ann's.

Tobago Shopping Overview

Tobago has fewer shops than Trinidad but with persistent hunting you can find stunning East India and Oriental silks & cotton. Batik is a favored craft of island artists as are straw and cane works, handcrafted jewelry. Tobago's Rums and Angostura Bittersa are worth some extra room in the suitcase.
Turtle Beach Hotel Boutique
Beachwear, local arts & crafts. Addr: Turtle Beach Hotel.
Island Concepts
Island fashions and handicrafts. Addr: Jerningham
St. Khoury's
A varied collection of splendid African artifacts and woodcarvings. Addr: Burnett St.
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