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Excursions From Guanajuato

Dolores Hidalgo

Town upon whose church steps Father Miguel Hidalgo called out for independence from Spain in 1810. His legendary declaration, known nationwide as the "Grito de Dolores", is repeated every September 16 to start Independence Day festivities. The town is an easy stroll and is well known as a shopper's paradise for colorful Talavera ceramics and tiles. 30 miles north of San Miguel de Allende.


Capital of the state of Queretaro, this lovely, walkable city is also one of Mexico's most historic. It played a crucial part in the War of Independence's start in 1810. In 1867, it was the execution site of Mexico's Emperor Maximilian. In 1917 it was chosen for the ceremonial signing of the Mexican Constitution. History aside, Queretaro is known, as well, for its opal mines. A stroll along the city's cobblestoned streets passes numerous jewelry stores with brilliant displays of opals of all colors. 63 miles from San Miguel de Allende.