Travel By Fingertip...Tijuana

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Dining in Tijuana / Rosarito Beach

Boccaccio's Nueva Marina

For those who prefer Tijuana's regional ingredients (lobster, fish and beef) ala haute cuisine. Addr: 2500 Blvd Agua Caliente, Tijuana. Ph: 66/862266. Expensive.

La Fonda Roberto's

Experience the many subtle and tasty renditions of Mexico's national cuisine. The mole sauces are exquisite. Addr: 356 Av. 16 de Septiembre, Tijuana. Ph: 66/86-16-01. Moderate.

La Casa de la Langosta

A branch of the famed Puerto Nuevo restaurant (see excursions below), this fine establishment not only serves the re-nowned grilled lobster speciality, but other fish dishes as well. Addr: Quinta Plaza, Rosarito Beach. Ph: 661/2-09-24. Moderate.

La Lena

Unusual and imaginative beef specialities. A favorite is gaoneras, thin slices of beef stuffed with guacamole and cheese. Addr: Blvd. Agua Caliente 4560, Tijuana. Ph: 66/86-47-52. Moderate.

Senor Frog's

A Mexican city without a Carlos Anderson chain restaurant is unimaginable. Tijuana's is just as crazy as the others and the food is always good. Addr: Pueblo Amigo Center, Tijuana. Ph: 66/85-36-98. Inexpensive.

Margarita's Village

14 renditions of the Margarita and plenty of Mexican dishes. Addr: Viva Tijuana Mall, Tijuana. Ph: 66/828658. Inexpensive.

Rosarito Village Cafe

All of Rosarito seems to pass through here daily in search of Margaritas, live music and good food (including takeout). Addr: Blvd. Juarez 777. Ph: 661/2-86-54. Inexpensive.