Travel By Fingertip...Tijuana

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Excursions From Tijuana


On Baja's west coast, 60 miles south of Tijuana. Ensenada is a small, friendly resort city. It is also a thriving commercial port, home to an extensive fishing fleet as well as sportfishing businesses. Ensenada's restaurants are some of the finest and most sophisticated on the Baja Peninsula. And as close to 3/4 of Mexico's wine and brandy is produced in Ensenada's vineyards; the restaurants don't shy away from showcasing the area's best vintages. Beaches and resort hotels lie north and south of the city center.

Puerto Nuevo

30 miles south of Rosarito Beach. Puerto Nuevo's one and very lucrative claim to fame is a particular tasty rendition of grilled lobster, refried beans, tortillas, butter, salsa and lime that is served at every restaurant in town. It handily lives up to its title as the "Lobster Village". Most restaurants closed on Mondays.


40 miles east of Tijuana. Tecate sits directly on the US/Mexico border, is home to the Tecate Beer Brewery and site of the exclusive, world-renowned spa, Rancho la Puerto. Just south of town are some of Mexico's lushest agricultural areas and vineyards.

Parque Nacional Sierra Madre Martir

80 miles south of Ensenada. For those who love wilderness hiking and no-frills camping, this National Park is the site of Baja's highest mountain, Devil's Peak, as well as spectacular canyons, pine forests and, thanks to the unsullied atmosphere, Mexico's National Observatory.

Guerrero Negro

450 miles south of Tijuana. Closest town to Scammon's Lagoon, site where gray whales give birth to their calves from January to March. Eco-tourism is in all its glory here and the Mexican government keeps a close reign on whale watching tour operators. Most of the area around the Lagoon is a part of the national park, Parque Natural de Ojo de Libre. The town's accommodations and restaurants are comfortable, without a hint of luxury.