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Shopping in Tijuana

Thanks to its duty-free status, Tijuana has a long history as a shopping mecca. What is new is the sophistication and appeal of its main shopping area, Avenida Revolucion, as well as its impressive array of malls. Many walking across the border go no further than the Viva Tijuana Mall, large enough to satisfy any shopping spree. Next to the Culture Center, and reflecting the general sophistication of the area, is the large shopping complex Plaza Rio Tijuana, including department stores, restaurants high end craft boutiques and live entertainment. Rosarito Beach shopping is reminiscent of small town Mexico, with open stands, markets and excellent buys in ceramics and carved wood furniture.


Considered the most elegant department store in Tijuana, it opened in 1929. Central feature is its perfumerie offering the best of international scents. Addr: Av. Revolucion and Calle 3.

Ralph Lauren/Polo

Devotees of this designer come from far and wide to Tijuana to take advantage of low prices seen nowhere north of the border. Addr: Madero and Calle 7. 


For those whose only foray into Mexico is Tijuana, this Mexico City hallmark store is a must. Lovely cafe as well as fine array of crafts. Addr: Av. Revolucion and Calle 8.

Mercado Hidalgo

Serving a city of close to 2 million people, the Mercado is an impressive Mexican municipal market. Housewares, produce, flowers, crafts, food stalls and then some. Addr: Av. Independencia and Sanchez Taboada.