Travel By Fingertip...Acapulco

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Dining in Acapulco


Coyuca 22

The sweeping views of Caleta Beach accompany an elegant nouvelle Mexican cuisine. Addr: Av. Coyuca No. 22. Ph: 74/83-50-30. Expensive.


With walls adorned with autographed pictures of movie stars dating back to the 50's and a decor right out of a pirate movie, this institution is a must for steak and seafood. Addr: Costera Aleman. Ph: 74/84-25-49. Expensive.


Very popular, chaotic, and large portions of American/Mexican cuisine. Addr: Costera Aleman 999. Ph: 74/84-12-85. Expensive.  


Condesa Beach crowds join the dancing and revelry starting at 12pm at this beach-front spot for seafood and delicious tropical drinks. Addr: Costera Aleman 107. Ph: 74/84-59-88. Moderate.

Zapata, Villa, y Cia

Everything passionately Mexican, including music and decor memorabilia, all to the tastes of sumptuous Mexican specialties. Addr: Costera Aleman 1. Ph: 74/84-28-88. Moderate

Hard Times

With the largest salad bar in Acapulco, this quiet haven boasts a large outdoor terrace, perfect to also enjoy the barbecue and seafood dishes ala Tex-Mex. Live Jazz. Addr: Costera Aleman 112. Ph: 74/84-00-64.Moderate.

El Cabrito

Authentic, traditional Mexican cuisine. A favorite among the local population. Addr: Costera Aleman 1480. Ph: 74/84-77-11. Inexpensive.

Mariscos' Pipos

With an ambience right out of Key Largo, this venerable seafood establishment is an Old Acapulco haunt. Addr: Almirante Breton 3. Ph: 74/83-8801.

Mimi's Chili Bar

Resembling an old West salon, good burgers, chili, salads and Mexican finger food. Addr: Costera Aleman 101. Ph: 74/84-2549.