Travel By Fingertip...Acapulco

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Sporting Life in Acapulco


Scuba Diving

There seems to be no shortage of local entrepreneurs who approach tourists with offers of boat/dive/fishing excursions. No where, but in Acapulco, is it more important for divers to stick with reputable companies. Arnold Brothers (Ph: 74/82-18-77) organize both snorkeling and scuba diving excursions. Divers de Mexico (Ph: 74/82-13-98) offers a combination of lessons, equipment, excursion and refreshments. Most hotels offer a dependable booking service for all excursions.


The waters off of Acapulco are teeming with good fishing possibilities such as marlin and sailfish. A fishing license costs $7 andcan be obtained at the Secretaria de Pesca, but many companies will take care of it with timely reservations. Hotels and travel agents are fully equipped to book all trips. The Boat Cooperative (Ph: 74/82-1099) across from the Zocalo manages to create order from all the offers made at the city dock. Arnold Brothers (Ph: 74/82-18-77) manages larger parties (up to five).


Hard not to be fascinated by the occasional brave tourist floating under a colorful parachute tethered to a motor boat zipping around hundreds of feet below. The trip takes about 10 minutes and the operators are easy to spot, or call 74/82-20-56.

Fitness Centers

If exercise is an essential part of you daily existence, the hot tropical air of Acapulco can be an impediment. Hotels have filled the void with numerous Health or Exercise Centers. The Acapulco Princess (Ph: 74/69-10-00) has a facility offering Universal machines, free weights, gym, five pools and numerous tennis courts. Needless to say, the wide range of apres workout health and beauty treatments are popular. The same combination of workouts and pampering can be found at Villa Vera Spa and Fitness Center (74/84-03-33).


Between the neighboring properties of the Acapulco Princess and the Pierre Marques are two championship 18 hole courses (Ph: 74/84-31-00). Non-guests are welcome at a higher green fees. The Club de Golf (Ph: 74/84-07-81) is a public course.


Numerous outdoor, indoor and night lit courts are scattered throughout the the grounds of the luxury hotels. Lessons are often available and non-guests pay an extra fee. A sampling: Acapulco Princess (Ph: 74/84-31-00), Acapulco Plaza (Ph: 74/84-90-50), Pierre Marques (74/84-20-00), Hyatt Regency (Ph: 74/84-12-25).