Travel By Fingertip...Manzanillo

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Points of Interest in Manzanillo


The beaches of Manzanillo are an essential part of life for the local population as well as for visitors. Even restaurants and most shops close on Sundays, and all involved head for the beaches. Playa Azul stretches along Manzanillo Bay, and, except where hotels have staked their claim, are considered to have quite an undertow for most swimmers. Playa Audencia is a lovely cove beach on the Santiago Peninsula, favored for snorkeling. Playa Miramar along Santiago Bay has something for everyone, windsurfers and sun-worshippers alike. A popular and safe spot is across from Club Maeva. For an unusual black sand beach, Playa Cuyutlan is just south of town.

Bahia de Santiago and Bahia de Manzanillo

Manzanillo has the unique configuration of double bays, separated by the Peninsula de Santiago, location of the first resorts in the area.

Lagoon Birdwatching

Just north of downtown lies Laguna de San Pedrito and just south is Laguna de Cuyutlan. Wonderful sightings of white herons, pink flamingos and the tropical sunset at San Pedrito.

Downtown Manzanillo

South of all the tourist areas, the city of Manzanillo is known for its large port, shipyards, fishing industry and railroad connections. The main square, Jardin de Obregon is best experienced in early evenings when the pace is more leisurely. A less hectic sample of everyday life in resort Mexico can be experienced in Salahua: Just east of Santiago Peninsula, a small community of homes, some shops and restaurants.