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Manzanillo Profile

Manzanillo is a thriving, diverse city as well as a popular resort destination. The downtown possesses all of the colorful nitty-gritty expected from the largest commercial port city of the Mexican west coast. A bustling trade economy is accommodated by a direct rail link to the capital Colima and the rest of the country. The twin bays to the north, separated from all the mayhem by hills and lagoons, have long hosted small enclaves of luxury homes whose inhabitants enjoy the balmy climate and peaceful pace of daily life.
It was in the 1960's that the international jet set, attracted to Manzanillo by the region's privacy and the Moorish fantasy resort of Las Hadas, began its love affair with the area. A decade later, the movie "10" (revealing Las Hadas - and Bo Derek - in all their photogenic splendor) prompted a tidal wave of calls to USA travel agencies.
Manzanillo's hotel complexes are well spaced over the two bays, often worlds unto themselves where guests have all their needs lovingly met on-premise. The climate and landscape conspire to create an ambience where sun and surf are the main attractions. Shopping sprees are best left to a future vacation somewhere else. Nights are enjoyed at the surprising number of good restaurants, many open-air where the entertainment is the setting sun and starlight over the water.
Most charming of all are Manzanillo's lazy Sundays when the townspeople head en masse for the beaches, determined to enjoy the best of their world, just like everyone else.