Travel By Fingertip...Manzanillo

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Dining in Manzanillo


It is only fitting that if Manzanillo boasts a gourmet restaurant it would be at Las Hadas. The ambience and decor are no less beautiful than its surroundings and the cuisine is sophisticated French. Dinner only, closed Wed. and Fri. Addr: Las Hadas. Ph: 333/3-0000 Expensive.

El Vaquero

The specialty of the house is beef, prepared only as both the Mexicans and Americans know how. Addr: Crucero Las Brisas. Ph: 333/3-1654. Expensive.  


Popular with both the local population and tourists, some of the most imaginative dishes incorporate tropical ingredients and international know-how. Desserts are sinfully delicious. With a palapa location overlooking Manzanillo Bay. Dinner only. Addr: Crucero Las Brisas. Ph: 333/3-1794. Moderate.  

Carlos & Charlie's

What would a Mexican resort town be without this tried and true establishment for good food and general mayhem. Addr: Costera Madrid, km 6 Ph: 333/3-1150. Moderate.

La Bamba

Located in-land along the highway, this is worth the short trip for some sumptuous Mexican cuisine. Addr: Plaza la Bamba, Blvd. Costera Madrid, km. 11. Ph: 333/4-0794. Moderate.


A.k.a. John Corey, who, with his Mexican wife, has created a gold mine, serving the best of American and Mexican fast food. Expect everything from milk shakes to enchiladas. Addr: Costera Madrid, km. 14. Ph: 333/3-1388. Inexpensive.

La Posada

Hearty breakfasts, savored in the hotel's dining sala with ocean views, are a must do Manzanillo experience. Addr: La Posada Hotel, Las Brisas. Ph: 333/3-1899. Inexpensive.