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Shopping in Manzanillo

A curious phenomenon exists in Manzanillo, a rather pointed disinterest in shopping. The relaxed atmosphere, the detached location of downtown and the relative isolation of the properties tend to attract those who come for the sun and sea and prefer to stay put. Many hotels have their own shops as more of a service than a source of enjoyment. A proposed marina, shopping center and hotel in Santiago probably won't change this equation very much. In the downtown area around the plaza there are a few crafts stores. Local specialties include shell, coral, bone and turtle shell items and costume jewelry as well as furniture, baskets, sisal bags silk hammocks and "angeo" painting. Some of the best crafts shops are:

La Placita

Addr: Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid, km. 12, Acurium, Addr: Av. Mexico No. 89

El Delfin

Addr: Av. Mexico No. 262

Mercados de Artesanias

Addr: Playa Miramar
The shops at Las Hadas attempt to match their unique surroundings. Tane is probably the best known with truly beautiful objects de art, including tableware and jewelry.