Danubius Hotel Gellert Budapest, Hungary

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ON-SITE DESCRIPTION: Danubius Hotel Gellert Budapest, Hungary. The gleaming white, neo-classical facade of the Gellert is an impressive national landmark that has welcomed the cream of high society for three generations. Famed for the medicinal benefits of its underground springs, the Roman baths and columned marble pools catered to an international clientele. Today, the Spa benefits are still important but offered as well are the deluxe amenities, fine restaurants, night club, boutiques, beauty shops and traditional service of a Grand Hotel. An immense Swedish breakfast. AC (better rooms). 239 Rooms.
LOCATION: 2 miles from downtown at the foot of Gallert Hill beside the Danube.
ADDRESS: Gellert Ter 1 Budapest Hungary H-1111
For Best Rates and Reservations Call Toll Free:
877 927 4002

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