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ON-SITE DESCRIPTION: Hilton Budapest Hotel Budapest, Hungary. Set atop Castle Hill in ancient Buda, overlooking the Danube, the Hilton's architectural beauty is outstanding. From the restored baroque facade to the 13th century monastery walls of the glass-enclosed colonnade, the hotel is an aesthetic delight. In Hungary, serious eating is the national pastime and one of the superstars is the hotel's chef at its famed Kalocsa restaurant. Dining, accompanied by gypsy violins, is a memorable experience. Amenities are truly deluxe. Handsome casino, black tie optional. AC. 322 Rooms.
LOCATION: Castle in Buda on Danube River near Matthias Church.
ADDRESS: Hess Andraster 1-3, Budapest Hungary H-1014
For Best Rates and Reservations Call Toll Free:
877 927 4002

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