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120 Miles Southwest of Budapest



A flavorful combination of European and Middle Eastern heritage permeates Hungary's fourth largest city. Turn down one street and you may come across an ornate mosque, a reminder of Pecs 16th & 17th century Turkish occupation; on another street, a magnificent Romanesque cathedral may come into view. Add to this, for your Pecs portrait, a balmy climate and an eclectic cuisine with a decidedly Mediterranean accent.

Main Sights

Cathedral Square, Bishop's Palace, All Saints Church, Pasha Kasim Mosque, Zsolnay Museum, Eosin Fountain.


First Class

Hotel Hunyor
Address: Jurisicx Miklos utca. 16
Palatinus Hotel
Address: Kossuth LU 5

Charming Tourist

Danubius Patria Hotel

Address: Rakoczi ut 3
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