Siofok Hotels, Hungary
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67 Miles Southwest of Budapest


Siofok is the largest and most accommodating summer resort along the shores of Lake Balanton. In summer, the relaxed atmosphere that emanates from Siofok's sandy beaches and unhurried pace is punctuated by a cluster of outdoor restaurants, cafes and some intriguing 18th and 19th century churches. There is an open air theatre in Dimitrov Park.

Main Sights

Beszedes Jozsef Museum, Dimitrov Park.


Charming Tourist

Balaton Hotel
Address: Petofi Sefany 9
Pannonia Europa Hotel
Address: Petrofi Setany 15
Pannonia Hungaria Hotel
Address: Petrofy Setany 13
Pannonia Lido Hotel
Address: Petrofi Setany 11
Pannonia Hotel Venus
Address: Kiniszi U. 21
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