Stadion Hotel
Budapest, Hungary

Hotel StadionBudapest Hungary Best Hotel Rates and Reservations

Best Hotel Rates and Reservations


ON-SITE DESCRIPTION: Stadion Hotel Budapest, Hungary. Built in 1982 to accommodate sports patrons of the Peoples Stadium and the sports Hall nearby, the Stadion is a smart buy for the businessman or vacationer. The rooms are bright and functional with modern amenities and the restaurant, confectioner, snackbar and beer hall all seem to swing to a relatively younger crowd. There is a six alley skittle hall, pool, sauna and fitness center. 377 Rooms.
LOCATION: In People's Stadium area, near all sports events. 1 mile from International Fairgrounds.
ADDRESS: Ifjusag Utja 1-3, Budapest Hungary H-1148
For Best Rates and Reservations Call Toll Free:
877 927 4002

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