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Points of Interest In Dominican Republic

There are so many long stretches of white beach to enjoy on the island, you'll never be far from the sun & surf. But beware: the currents around the Dominican Republic are sometimes very strong. Traveling around the island is advised as there are many interesting sights outside the Capital city.
Santo Domingo
The island's charming capital city is rich with 16th Century history; there are walking tours that transport you into the romantic Colonial Era. Spanish flavors enrich this island paradise.
National Pantheon
An 18th Century Jesuit Monastery and burial grounds for many Spanish heros. The wonderful ceiling mural is one example of the richness of Spanish art. ADDRESS: Calla Las Damas.
Calla Las Damas
Named after the royal ladies who once strolled these streets with parasols and flowing silk dresses. ADDRESS: Santo Domingo.
Alcazar de Colon
This palace was built in 1510 by Christopher Columbus, for his son, Don Diego. Elegantly restored in 1957. ADDRESS: Calla Las Damas.
Plaza de la Cultura
This historical complex contains: the Gallery of Modern Art, Museum of History and Geography, Museum of the Dominican Man, the Museum of Natural History and the National Theatre. ADDRESS: Av. Maximo Gomez.
A majestic forest and mountain range borders this charming village. Travel to the waterfalls by foot, horseback or motorbike. ADDRESS: National Tourist Office.
Puerto Plata
A picturesque three hour drive from the Capital city leads to this charming village on the Amber Coast. Several historic attractions and stretches of shimmering white sand beaches. ADDRESS: Northern coastline.

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