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Dining In Dominican Republic

El Alcazar
Moorish style ambience - ala Oscar de la Renta - is richly designed to please all your senses. Gourmet fare. ADDRESS: Hotel Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Ph: 221-1511. Expensive.
Lina, the creative chief chef, taught her assistants all her secrets! Her Paella is the Talk of the Town. Contemporary ambience and Spanish cuisine. ADDRESS: Av. Maximo Gomez & Av 27 de Febrero, Santo Domingo Ph: 686-5000. Expensive.
Meson de la Cava
Descend 50 feet below the surface into a spectacular natural cave setting. Live music and dancing. Not to be missed! ADDRESS: 1 Av Mirador del Sur, Santo Domingo Ph: 533-2818. Expensive.
Restaurante Latino
Stunning mix of elegance and island culture, offering Creole, Caribbean and South American cuisine. ADDRESS: Jaragua Renaissance Resort. Ph: 221-2222. Expensive.
De Armando
This elegant coastal home offers the island's best Dominican cuisine. A guitar trio enhances the patio dining. ADDRESS: 23 Av. Mota, Puerto Plata Ph: 586-3418. Expensive.
Fonda de la Atarazana
Highly regarded for its native cuisine and set in a restored colonial house. Dancing on the terrace. Ideal lunch spot after shopping. ADDRESS: 5 La Atarazana, Santo Domingo Ph: 689-2900. Moderate.
Elegant and sophisticated Italian cuisine, erupted by popular demand into Vesuvio II crosstown. Cozy bar and extensive wine cellar. ADDRESS: Both in Santo Domingo. Ph: 689-2141. Moderate.
El Palacio de Yaniqueques
Cooked by the renowned Ludovino, the most delicious Johnny Cakes on the island. ADDRESS: 19 Summer Wells, Santo Domingo. Inexpensive.

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