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Points of Interest In Jamaica

Jamaica is an island covered by intriguing historical sights and lush, tropical landscapes - you'll have to shape your time well.
Meet the People Program
Spend an evening with a Jamaican family who share similar interests, hobbies and vocations. Ph: 1-800-JAMAICA.
Appleton Express
A train ride through the interior of Jamaica, with many interesting and unique stops along the way. Addr: Montego Bay Ph: 952-3692.
Greenwood Great House
One of the many "Great Houses" built by the family of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Once a thriving sugar plantation and now a museum of the family's artifacts and paintings. Addr: 15 miles East of Montego Bay.
Dunn River Falls
These heavenly, cascading falls are often used in the Jamaican tourism ads. Addr: Ocho Rios.
Firefly Hill
The residence of Noel Coward from 1950 until his death in 1973. Tours are conducted by his faithful housekeeper. Addr: North of Ocho Rios toward Port Maria.
Navy Island
This 64 acre resort - once home to Erroll Flynn - has a public beach, dining facilities, island rafting and water sports. Tours can be arranged for the Flynn's nearby ranch - a 2,000 acre spread. Addr: Port Antonio Ph: 993-2667.
Royal Botanical Gardens
20 acres of tropical plants and exotic flowers. Donated by the Hope family in celebration of the abolition of slavery. Addr: Kingston Ph: 927-1257.
The Cockpit Country
Home of the Native Maroon Indians who won their freedom from the British in the 17th Century. Tours can be arranged from Montego Bay to the Maroon's main village of Accompong.
Quaint 18th Century port town on the north coast, 23 miles from Montego Bay. Village of Negril: Famous for their sunsets and seven mile beaches, Negril is definately for nature lovers.
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