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Shopping In Jamaica

Jamaica Shopping Overview

Three of the island's native products deserve the shopper's special attention: the heavenly Blue Mountain coffee, the many varieties of sweet Jamaican rum and the robust Macanudo cigars. Aside from these items, English wools, linens from around the world, electronics, cameras, Swiss watches, gold jewelry and fine European crystal & china are sold at bargain prices. Colorful island fashions, rosewood carvings, sculptured figurines and intricate jewelry are examples of the unique crafts found throughout the island. Local merchants and hotel staff can lead you in the direction of some unique artist studios.
The Sovereign Shopping Centre
The newest and grandest shopping mall in Kingston.
Other Malls
Twin Gates Plaza, New Lane Plaza, New Kingston Shopping Centre.
Devon House
A Great House arts & crafts museum and shopping spot - leather goods, home furnishings, silver and pewter. Addr: 26 Hope Rd., Kingston.
Institute of Jamaica
Jamaican literature and fine prints. Addr: 12 East St., Kingston.
Blue Mountain Gems
Original gemstone and coral designs. Addr: Holiday Village Shopping Centre, Montego Bay.
Bob Marley Museum
Combination gift shop, record store, restaurant, museum and cinema, inspired by the King of Reggae. Addr: 56 Hope Rd. , Kingston.
Busha Brown
Spicy Jamaican sauces, jellies and chutneys. Addr: Newport East, Kingston .L.A. Henriques: Made to order, unique jewelry. Addr: Upper Manor Park Plaza.

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