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Mazatlan Profile

The always popular main plaza of this energetic port/resort, is bordered by the Avenida Carneval, a constant reminder that after Rio and New Orleans, Mazatlan's pre-lenten festivities are unsurpassed. Dear to the hearts of people living both above and below the border, is Los Venados, the Triple A Pacific League baseball team. Charreadas - rousing Mexican style rodeos - are a year-round event. And the flow of daily life, colorful and active, is a pleasure to view from the jaunty, surrey-topped "pulmonias", the open-air alternatives to a good public transportation system.
Much of Mazatlan's appeal also takes place off-shore and the huge Fishermens' Monument is testament to this, as is the busy harbor, home to the country's largest shrimp fleet. The sport fishing fleet is also Mexico's largest, boasting record catches. The dramatic islands of Los Pajaros and Los Piedras stand out in the bay like a mirage, beckoning inland sport enthusiasts to abandon their Hobie Cats for more serene, pristine beach settings. Surveying it all are several rocky mountain cliffs, lookouts for seamen from the time of Cortez to the present. Atop the highest cliff is El Faro Lighthouse, second highest in the world after Gibraltar - and most definitely worth the climb.
Between the islands of Los Pagaros and Las Venados, along Sabalo and Gaviotas Beaches, is the Zona Dorada or "Golden Zone". Once again, fun usurps glamour in this resort area that caters to all age groups without sacrificing comfort or luxury. The beaches are chock-full of watersports, vendors are everywhere and sell everything. Several hotels provide boats that criss-cross the outer waters. Only at dusk, as the island images fade into the sunset and the beaches empty, a relative quiet descends upon the landscape for an hour or two. Then, suddenly, a spectacular firework display is set off from one of the resorts and Mazatlan continues doing what is does best.