Travel By Fingertip...Mazatlan

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Sporting Life in Mazatlan

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

One would think that, with the three unusual rock formations off shore at either end of the Zona Dorada, there would be more interest in diving. Most establishments that cater to watersport equipment in general now offer equipment and some excursions. Try Caravelle Beach Club (Ph: 69/13-02-00) or Ocean Sports Center (Ph: 69/13-11-11).


A city that boasts a giant monument to fisherman (hard to miss on Av. del Mar) has a sizable fishing fleet available to compadres from other lands. Most can be found south of the lighthouse and include Bill Hemple's Star Fleet (Ph: 69/82-26-65), Perla Fleet (Ph: 69/81-72-71) and Bibi Fleet (Ph: 69/81-36-40). Charters usually include crew, bait, tackle and food.


Most hotels are wonderfully equipped with every possible piece of watersport equipment including Hobie Cats and windsurfers. Nowhere is this more evident than at the massive (in size and amenities) El Cid Resort with its own Aqua Sport Center (Ph: 69/13-33-33)


Between the hotels and clubs there are over 100 tennis courts available. Though guests have priority, most hotels are worth a try, especially the El Cid Resort (Ph: 69/13-33-33) with 13 courts. The Racquet Club Gaviotas, Ibis and Rio Bravo (Ph: 69/13-59-39) has 6 courts and the Club de Tenis Reforma (Ph: 69/83-12-00) has 8 courts.


Once again, the El Cid Resort (Ph: 69/13-33-33) comes in as first choice where any combination of two of the three sets of nine holesmakes for a satisfying round. Just outside of town is the Club Campestre de Mazatlan (Ph: 69/80-02-02).


Strictly as a spectator sport! Known as Charreadas - a very impressive show of skill and showmanship. Association of Charros of Mazatlan (69/83-3154) or contact your hotel's front desk or travel agency.